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About Webster Apartments

Webster Apartments is a building that is rich in Austin's history. Webster has been a presence in Austin, MN since 1892, first being called “East of the Tracks School. Then in 1895 being renamed Webster School, rebuilt in 1914, added onto in 1937, closed as a school in 1973, and finally transformed over the years mainly from 1986-1994 into a rich historic upscale apartment complex. Webster Apartments has preserved so much of the architectural style that the exterior appearance is remarkably similar to how Webster Apartments looked in 1937.

Although Webster Apartments was originally slated to be demolished it was saved by one man and his vision to see things that others simply could not grasp. That man is Gary Groh, and he has saved this historic structure so that the city of Austin and its present and future generations may enjoy this treasure of Austin, MN.

Webster Apartments presently is a 12-unit apartment building that was once an elementary school. The building was purchased in 1982 by Gary A. Groh and with the help of his family have turned it into what it is today. Although Austin has lost many of its historical and architectural buildings, Webster Apartments remains as one of the few that have withstood the test of time.

In 1994 the very first apartment to open for residency at Webster was Apartment #5. The resident that occupied that first apartment lived in the unit for 17 years. The resident would call prior to the building opening, saying that they wanted to live there and had their unit all picked out. It was our pleasure having had that resident stay with us and have crossed paths with many wonderful people throughout the years.

You now have the opportunity to experience this architecture and rich history firsthand by becoming a resident at Webster Apartments. When you want something that is unique and out of the ordinary, where your apartment is as unique as you are, then you will find it at Webster Apartments.

We look forward to having you as our resident. Welcome Home!


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Our Values

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, beautiful, and peaceful living environment in the Austin, MN community. We want to provide a space that people always feel good about coming home to. The values we hold are essential to supporting our mission:


Our focus is on people. We want to create genuine, long lasting relationships built on trust and commitment; to creating enjoyable special memories for you to cherish.


It is more than just a place to live, but also a place to call home. We want our residents to feel like they are an integral part of a friendly multifamily community where you can afford to dwell well.


Webster Apartments has been a part of the Austin community since the late 1800’s. We have a solid reputation as providing a unique living experience that draws on its past yet is always looking to the future to ensure its relevancy in the Austin community.

Meet Our Team of Professionals

Whether you are relocating to Austin, MN for employment reasons, or you are a lifelong resident looking for a change, you are sure to find a unique apartment that you can call home. We are here to help you throughout every step of the process – from leasing, to occupancy, and beyond.







Webster Apartments

You’re Here, You’re Home, You’re Happy.

Love Where You Live

It is more than just a place to live, but also a place to call home. We want our residents to feel like they are an integral part of a friendly multifamily community where you can afford to dwell well.

Our Location

Nearby Entertainment Option

With so many numerous amenities nearby to choose from, such as the Mill Pond walking trail, the beautiful and historic Paramount Theater, to the Austin Recreation Center are just a few options.

Close to Major Employers

Webster Apartments is conveniently located to nearby large employers such as the Hormel Foods Corporation, University of Minnesota Hormel Institute, and Mayo Clinic Health System Austin, MN.

Great Place to Live!

Webster Apartments offers a rich historical exterior appearance yet offers all the conveniences of a fully updated and modern interior. When you are looking for a safe, extremely quiet apartment building, then Webster Apartments is the place for you to call home.

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